DXDHD is open for registration.

DXD is HD private tracker - pretty much new and still growing. Movies, TV Shows, Porn, Apps and so much more available on this tracker.

DXD HD is ratio based tracker you can easily maintain it, same rules as you find it on other trackers if your ratio drop below 0.5 you will receive warning and downloading restrictions are applied on your account so you can only seed for upload bonus and resolve your status within 3 weeks otherwise your account will be disabled. They have their own internal group but I have not seen them actively uploading internal releases.

  • You can find scene releases here anything new even with CAM is also uploaded.
  • This tracker can be kept as back up if you don't have any HD tracker because they are pretty much active on releasing HD content.
  • if you can't find your desired content just submit a request and someone from staff will fill it.
  • if you don't like going to funerals doesn't matter you can always visit graveyard to check torrents with 0 seeders and anything interesting you find there can be resurrected isn't that good? Its like a Special request.


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